All sales by THANAKRA include a VAT (value added tax) at a 20 % rate, but for some articles such as books.

Goods exported to a country of residence outside the EC may however benefit a detax, when their amount exceeds euro 175.

If so, the VAT amount is either refunded upon return of a detax document duly validated by one of EC Customs offices, or deducted whenever the export shipment is directly made by THANAKRA .

Thanakra just entered its 20th year of existence and still is rue de Grenelle in Paris where you may discover a wide choice of moroccan tribal carpets originating in all parts of Morocco, mostly mountains. Their vast majority is made of authentic family carpets (made at home for home); the balance is made of workshop carpets woven in the countryside of their regions of origin. All of them are woven by hand and able to grant your interior a dimension, an originality, a tone rooted with their freedom of composition and the quality of their handspun wools, that are either dyed according to traditional practices or just used with their natural color. European architects and decorators of the first half of the 20th century already noticed the modernism and originality of these moroccan tribal carpets woven by berber people whose independence was a cherished treasure.